Shipping Information :
We process orders on a first come, first serve basis. Processing time depends on what you order, if the item is in stock or pre-order item item. If you are working on a certain time schedule, you may want to email us and we will be happy to discuss options. Our contact info is: EMAIL AND PHONE

All shipping is sent via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 days for a flat rate of $6.70 (unless bulk item, then it will be based on weight) within the United States, which is added to your invoice, based on USPS actual charge.

If you need express shipping via Fedex or UPS it will be based on billed charge from Fedex or UPS within the United States, which will be added to your invoice.

FREE SHIPPING - is offered orders of $75 or more (excluding bulk items). Orders with free shipping will go out using First Class mail.

We do ship to PO boxes via USPS Priority Mail.

TRACKING information:
We can email each customer when their package is dropped to post office. It is very important to make sure you type in the correct email address on your order so that our shipping notice and tracking information reaches you. This is only available for Priority, Fedex or UPS shipments. It is not available for standard first class mail.

If your package is lost by the post office in transit and the anticipated delivery time has passed, we will file a claim on your behalf and reship your package without further delay up to a $50 value, if value is larger, then insurance will be additional charge.

If the U.S. Postal Service reports that they have delivered your package but you have not received it, you need to contact your local post office with your tracking number. Many times your postal carrier has put the package by a door you don't normally use or possibly at a neighbors house. Occasionally they may also hold the package at your local post office for you to pick up. This is not information we have access will need to speak to them personally. Additionally if you still have not received the package after contacting your post office, you may file a claim with the U. S. Post Office for reimbursement direct to you.

Simply fill out the claim form and attach a copy of your orginal email receipt from Turquoise Buckin Boutique. After the post office reimburses you, you can then re-order if you wish.

Most orders are shipped within two business days if in stock, if an item is not in stock, we will notify you of any delay promptly. We process orders in the order they are received. We ship five to six days a week but if for instance you order late on a Thursday, your order may not process until the following Monday,
again depending on how many orders are ahead of you.


Priority Mail: Standard post office shipping, usually 2-3 working days from the time we process your order. Please remember it can take up to 4 business days to get to your order, then the Priority Mail is the actual shipping time.

Express Mail: A guaranteed 2 day receipt through the US Postal Service; Customers that choose Express Mail move to the front of the line for immediate processing. We must receive these orders by noon to get them out BY THE same day or next day (if in stock item).

Overnight: We use FedEx on Overnight orders; Customers that choose Overnight shippingmove to the front of the line for immediate shipping. We must receive these orders by noonto get them out in the very same day. If you order items after cutoff, the package will not ship the same day (depending on stock).

Delivery Confirmation: Delivery Confirmation on every package that leaves here if shipped via Priority Mail. It is very effective in keeping the post office accountable for your package.We email you when your package leaves with the Delivery Confirmation number and then you can watch the progress on the website. This is not insurance! This just ensures that there is a scanned label on your package to track it. It does not insure that the post office gets it to you in perfect condition.

Insurance: You have the option to add on insurance based on the value of your package. Most of the time (99.9%) the delivery confirmation that we buy for each package is sufficient however please understand that once the package leaves our hands and the post office takes possession, we no longer assume any liability for your package. It then is between you and the post office. If your package arrives crushed, opened, wet or is stolen from your box but you have not purchased insurance, you most likely will have no recourse for replacement from the post office. This is not intended to scare you into buying insurance
but to educate you on the difference between Delivery Confirmation versus Insurance. Again, most every package arrives safely with the Delivery Confirmation we provide for you.